Vory – Pain Lyrics

King Vory
See, i promess my niggas i’ll never change
Loyalty is everything
I been down with my niggas since day one
I f*ck with you, from the start with you
The same nigga you get when i ain’t had shit
The same nigga you get when i had it all
When i have it all (corect that), knawimsayin
I neva change and all my niggas can vouch for me !

[Verse 1]
Promess my niggas i neva change
That money won’t come between anything
I turn the struggle to diamonds rings
These niggas keep callin’ just let it ring
I dont got no time for no frienemies
Used to be friends now we ennemies oh!
Ain’t no more memories nothing you say or you said has effected me mentally !
Bitch u gon’ front like they into me
Really they f*ckin off hennessey
Niggas gon’ act like they kin to me
Tell em’ quit living in fantasies Yeah, Yeah
You a hoe with bitch tendencies
I put [?] like im genesis
Tell them free all our guys cause they innocent
This shit is draining my energy
I had to prepare myself mentally
I had to prepare myself mentally (oh yeah)
For these p*ssy ass niggas in the industry
And i came with real niggas who be in the streets
Lost my brother to the streets when i was thirteen
For the pain a nigga started sippin codein

Made man of the house when i was fourteen
No cash dre’ fronted me the whole thang
In a neigborhood full of dope fiends
And my momma she was one of those dope fiends (LORD)

[Pre hook]
I wish i knew the niggas who sold the crack
They ruined my heart, ain’t no sewing back
Imma let him for that pain nigga
Pull up on em’ let it rain nigga
I was young and i was so confused
But i knew my momma want the same nigga !!

Lord knows,lord knows (X12)

At eighteen i got kicked out the crib
And my nigga got evicted, i had nowhere to live
I was sleeping outside, do you know how that feel
Running on an empty stomach, borrowing money for meals
That’s when shit got real .. but i stuck to the plan
You see it’s crazy how the stuggle turn the kid to a man
I promess i won’t fold
I know some secrets from some niggas that’ll neva be told
I pray the real live forever and the fakes get exposed
I think it’s funny how some friends turn to foes
I think it’s funny how that money turn you niggas to hoes
But who am i to [?]
Man this shit is just a game and i feel like the host
All them lies in yo raps boy you doing the most
Too much drugs and i watch em’ OVERDOSE !

King Vory , overdose