Tunji Ige – Red Light Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I really wanna f*ck Jhene Aiko, uh
Heard she got that Badu, baby what it do
Nig, came through like woo
Rick Flair nigga, times two
When I run trains with the crew, choo choo, choo
Just a drop by with the coop
I ain’t mean to let these niggas through
But you should’ve knew
Yeah, we should’ve knew
We all should’ve knew
f*ck it
Trying to find a good girl with a personality
That butts out but it’s only in my fantasy
Love kills in a film like a f*cking causality
Shut the f*ck out, watch you plead for insanity
Goddamn we at the fair like Valerie
Love the way she coming
Hair, hair like [?]
Watch the way the shorty throw it back
Make me wanna preach to the goddamn family

[Hook x2]
It keeps on going and going
Uh, going and going
It keeps on going and going
Yeah, going and going
I said, f*ck the red light
f*ck the red light (red light)
Red light, f*ck the red light
f*ck the (x3)
Red light
f*ck the red light (red light)
Red light
f*ck the red light

[Verse 2]
And we’ll be banging in the system like solar
Niggas telling yola licking bitches areolas (me)
Young, freaky nigga and them bitches never sober
Bring them [?] over
Finna get a chewy, I ain’t talking bout [?]
Them niggas got the clap
And I ain’t talking about gonorrhea
f*cking with them dirty hoes
I guess they f*cked you over
I’m bipolar when I rhyme
Sometimes I write songs
Sometimes it’s just line, after line, after line, after line
Like a crowded theme park
Or your local Walmart
You should go and play your part
And stop acting like you’re smart
He’s known to start his days as soon as it get dark
Niggas claim it’s an art, but me
I got heart, from the
Home of Rocky
Bad bitches top me
Nigga eating greek
I’m chomping down on some faki
What’s popping Aki
Piling on the [?]
The most [?]

[Hook x2]

(uh yeah, uh yeah)
(uh yeah, uh yeah)

[Hook x2]