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  • Binary Star – BeDiLLJuice (Waterworld 3 Album)

    I Don’t,
    join’em I beat’em
    like feet on dung scarubs
    the Beatles
    my drums,
    be starring Ringo

    B’ role/roll like the movies
    B’ code these one, zeroes

    To be fair
    Some rappers be high
    Could never be Lo

    The beats entree
    like beef be on plates
    Every one in three thousand wanna be Andre

    Be wishin
    They could bewitching with Dr Bombay
    Beyond words
    Beyond J
    ladies Beyoncé

    Begone way rappin
    ambassador flood flashin
    The camera
    with ya amateur manager in the passenger
    Even if you traveled to vaticans
    tried cross me with Catholics
    Ain’t shit happen
    like abdomens with a catheter

    Haters why bother
    They want me to bring it harder
    I’m pulling a Slang Blade
    from the sword
    King author
    Bars stab hard to the core
    deep chakra
    Websites post it on the wall
    Pete Parker

    Boom shaka lacka
    Number One chief rocka
    Til my sons bye Fords like Run D’s father
    Al Ben/ been a Pay Pal
    Daryl Mac model
    Mean I crown McDaniels
    And clown McDonalds

    ‘Justin’ case
    you you wanna run it down a bit
    That’s my


    A Spook on the gas
    Unregular leaded squeeze
    What else?

    speed of sound
    Jetting through the breeze

    Who else?

    One be Lo,
    Beheaded with guillotines

    Nobody next/necks
    I promise you’ll negative feel a thing