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  • G Herbo – 4am to 8am Lyrics

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    Oh my God, who is this? An L Beat?

    [Verse 1]
    I’m livin’ proof that you can do it, too
    By time I turned twenty-two I had a M or few
    Get it? Had a M or few, ain’t say a M or two
    Spread wealth with your nigga, why you think it’s him or you?
    Why you think it’s not enough out here for him to get it, too?
    It’s bad enough we limit us, we all criminals
    And I woulda said “they”, but this shit mental, dude
    The system been designed for self to let it get to you
    I’m talkin’ self-destruction, traps for individuals
    But I’ma dumb it down, I’ma humble down, I’ma mumble now
    I been in the ring with Satan, had to rumble hours
    I guess I had to go through pain to make another album
    My mind thinkin’ ’bout so much shit I be smokin’ ounces
    I need inspiration, in the Matrix, hella hours
    I love the studio, been in there for eleven hours
    Its four a.m. today, this goin’ on my seventh hour

    Put everything in perspective of what they’re goin’ through
    And the PTSD that must come with that
    And also why it’s so important to get this story out here
    And offer opportunity to these kids so these kids have somethin’ to leave the streets for
    It’s like, “Oh, get out the streets ’cause you gon’⁠—
    You either gonna die or go to jail”
    Everybody knows that, they know that
    But, like, leave the streets? Like, what opportunity do I really have?
    To do what? Leave the streets to what?
    Go work at McDonalds?
    So the people that was tryna kill me last week can see me? Like, what you want me to do?

    [Verse 2]
    Herbo, where you see yourself in ten years? It’s hard as shit
    Everyday I’m gettin’ sharper, I been smart as shit
    And for some reason I feel like this still my hardest shit
    Never seen a gangster like this, gotta pardon it
    Hoppin’ out a foreign, valet parkin’ it
    Used to be a tourist, broad day, sparkin’ it
    It ain’t shit for me to rap about my life ’cause I’m a artist
    I get personal and burn this bitch down like a arsonist
    Shine bright ’cause I survived a lot of darknesses
    When I walk I shake the ground like Parkinson’s
    Since fourteen, on my back, it been a target
    It just make me go harder ’cause I’m knowin’ why you started this shit
    You just wanna be a part of this shit
    I should’ve left the streets sooner, I got smart at this shit
    Played your cards wrong, your disloyalty, I spotted it
    Could have had smoke with whoever, ain’t nada, I got in it
    Now they change the weather, through the rain, whatever
    Supposed to stay forever, we could have changed together
    Got that butterfly effect, it’s like I changed for the better
    I ain’t got no friends in here, nigga, I came for the cheddar
    I came with Berettas, uh, Glocks, etcetera
    And we’ll pop the messenger, you try and stop from tellin’ us
    I rose from the cellar, in the bank more than regular
    Still got some killers with me that’ll rob the register
    Mansions, marble floors, penthouses everywhere
    Been inside the dealership a few, but you ain’t ever there
    Man, I worked my ass off for this shit, I’m tellin’ ya
    Granny house was rats on the rug like Angelica
    How the fuck you jealous? Why the fuck you yellin’?
    You ain’t up no millions? Why the fuck you chillin’?
    And you ain’t securin’ ’em? Why the fuck you trippin’?
    You ain’t got security? How the fuck you livin’?
    How the fuck you think I did it? By my lonely, don’t forget it
    Wops and leave the stu’, it’s 8 a.m. but I just woke up finished
    Every time they told me I couldn’t, that just woke a menace
    Blessed, I got a million dollar mouth, but I don’t know a dentist

  • EARTHGANG – Avenue Lyrics

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    [Intro: Johnny Venus]
    You put lives on the line, shoestring ties on the line
    I been cashin’ in, cuttin’ checks and cutting edge
    Cuttin’ lines in to my head, it’s OD
    God bless ODB, if I see him in my sleep
    I’ma bow and wash his feet, you showed me
    How to do the deeds, I laid Backwoods into wreaths
    Keep my head up like Maurice, I’m floating
    Step before the people and greet ’em how I greet you
    And you make sure my gifts keep flowin’

    [Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
    You that nigga for them bitches
    You that nigga for them bitches
    You that heifer for them riches
    Fuck whatever, fuck the riches
    Sell your soul, sell your soul
    Cut the prize and eat the difference
    Fake persona if it gets you what you wanna
    Get behind the fattest donk, or have these woman on your trunk
    Or have your ego high as chimpanzee in space
    Out of orbit, out of place
    You put life on the line, you put lives on the line
    Shoestring ties on the line, what you like, I provide
    You put ass on the ‘Gram, perfect titties in they hands
    You put pussy in it’s place, you got that shit from your fam’
    That food ain’t far from the best, it’s big pimpin’ where you land
    I see coward where you stand, ghetto zombies in a trance
    I been eatin’ diabetes and Cheetos for dinner, my nigga
    Since I was like 2 or 3 years old, can’t give that up, nigga
    I been hatin’ on white folks for hatin’ us, nigga
    I been wastin’ my neighbors for playin’ with us niggas

    [Chorus: Johnny Venus]
    Might lose off the avenue
    Might lose off the avenue
    No food, split my last with you
    No news, that’s my attitude
    Might lose off the avenue
    Might lose
    No food, split my last with you
    No rules

    [Verse 2: Doctur Dot]
    I got wants, I got needs, I got PTSD
    I got suicidal thoughts beneath these masked fantasies
    Knew the pleasures of the flesh ‘fore I finished learnin’ me
    First it’s fuck ’em, nothin’ else, if you spot me on the street
    Still I’m snappin’ together my daddy’s pieces
    Still figurin’ out my mama’s secrets
    Your value and your honor, but your worth come from deceit
    Nigga that you hatin’ on probably got something he could teach your corny ass
    While you in the corner grindin’ teeth
    I’m just followin’ the weed smoke
    Seen too many niggas lose life over their ego
    You never see me comin’, I was raised by a torpedo
    In a tornado, you just a seagull, you seem slow
    You’re OD to me like placebo
    Me and G low, G share, I need those
    Ten toes down, a man of the people
    Blue avenue, yellow eyes get the green glow

    [Outro: Johnny Venus]
    Might lose off the avenue
    No food, split my last with you
    Might lose off the avenue
    Might lose
    No food, split my last with you
    No rules

  • Dreamville – PTSD Lyrics

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    [Verse 1: Mereba]
    Used to bend for me like the steel of a hatchback
    You was there for Q like a fourth grade class fact
    Q was in for me, never needed to ask that
    PTSD, now I’m having a flashback
    Told me I’m sweet, can’t sleep in the trap trap
    Enemy, envy, make the strap go brrat brrat
    You the missing piece, no peace when I sleep now
    Used to practice peace, finna sleep with the piece now
    Know I’ma miss you long as I’m alive
    You said you need to call me, be sure I tried
    I wish I didn’t have a song to write
    I know you probably follow me with your light

    [Verse 2: Deante’ Hitchcock]
    My mama told me faith is all that I need
    And back in the day I would’ve agreed, but now it’s hard to believe
    I still do not, ’cause I want, ’cause I need to
    Believe in something greater than me without being able to see it
    So fuck a watch, I wear my heart on my sleeve
    Nobody knows my sorrow, nobody knows about the trouble I seen
    A lot of dead niggas livin’ through me, shawty, but not in the literal
    Most ’em dead ’cause they ain’t follow they dream
    The power of a higher entity entered me
    Mentally, physically, spiritually, I’m on a whole different energy
    Fuck the world, but I need you to remember me
    I had doubt in myself ’cause I used to fear that you would look at me differently
    If I ever changed, I’m numb to it now, I don’t feel the same
    A slave to the feeling, I’m breaking the chains
    Tryna balance out the joy, the pain, the sun, the rain
    My life and the fame, done lost the game
    The gift, the shame, my skin, my veins
    My soul done rained so much on my heart
    Really I don’t know where to start
    The irony of finding self in the dark
    My nigga, truthfully, feel like it’s two of me, I should’ve been on that ark
    A love-hate relationship with my thoughts, I’m tryna shine in my own light
    The realest nigga left in my own right
    Helping you with your vices but can’t seem to get a grip on my own life, yeah

    [Verse 3: Omen]
    I was on my way down, breakdowns, breakthroughs
    Spit up out my debut, gotta say I stay true
    Maybe why I stayed broke, I been on a goose chase
    Gotta swallow pride when they see me, how the truth taste?
    Off the beaten path like Blueface
    On the North Side, had to be a Tuesday
    Walkin’ slow with your kids on a school day
    Way past midnight suddenly my mood change
    That’s when the truth came, in New York hearing rumors
    My sister was homeless, convinced her to often
    Been years since we talked, number changed
    Saw you and my heart broke in a couple ways
    I can’t believe when I seen you, I knew shit was true
    Stared in your eyes and I saw a different you
    Skated off fast ‘fore I could address it
    Hope I ran into you ‘fore we both get to Heaven

    [Refrain: St. Beauty]
    We ‘ight, we ‘ight
    You opened up my eyes and helped me see the light
    We ‘ight, we ‘ight
    You opened up my eyes and helped me see the light, ayy

    [Outro: Buddy]
    Yeah, hahahaha
    We just kickin’ it, you know, ayy, woah
    I’m here with all my friends
    This is for the homies, for the homies, all the homies, what? What?
    And the hoes
    Hahahaha, yeah
    Said this is for the homies, for the homies, all the homies, what?
    And the hoes
    Can’t forget about the hoes, yeah
    For the homies, for the homies, for the homies, what? What?
    And the hoes
    (Ayy, that shit sound tight)
    This is for the homies, for the homies, all the homies, what? What?
    And the hoes
    Hahahaha, yeah
    Said this is for the homies, for the homies, all the homies, what?
    And the hoes
    Can’t forget about the hoes, yeah
    For the homies, for the homies, for the homies, what? What?
    And the hoes

  • JT Machinima – The Bastion Song

    This world is paradise
    Scenic and beautiful
    The forest comes to life
    It’s like a musical!
    Is it ironic that I’m an omnic?
    I’m not at odds with nature
    Now that I’m part of it!
    I used to be on my own till I found you
    Make yourself at home, look around you
    We’ll build a life and do what friends do
    While I try to forget what I’ve been through!

    [Verse 2]

    You set me off now rest in peace
    I’ll f**k you up when you step to me!
    Your blood will run through every street
    You b****es won’t even get to scream!
    I’ll drop robot obscenities
    While I bathe in the flesh of my enemies
    It’s time to wipe this planet clean
    Of the s**t-stain called humanity!
    Pump you full of lead from head to feet
    Shred to pieces like a fat bag of meat!
    I laugh happily at you as you bleed
    Brutality is all Bastion needs!
    My turret’s gonna f**k you up!
    Now eat my bullets, taste my rust
    Tongue my bolts and suck my nuts!
    You’re a bunch of F****** *****!

    [Verse 3]

    Excuse that tiny outburst
    Where’d I digress?
    After the Omnic Crisis
    I’ve been a mess if you couldn’t guess
    Those days are long behind me
    So don’t be scared!
    Yes I’ve seen better days but
    I’ll make repairs!
    Though I’m a bit rusty, trust me
    No one’s gun’s bigger!
    Use soft voices, cause loud noises
    Might get me TRIGGERED!

    [Verse 4]

    What in the mother of f**k was that?
    PTSD’s comin back!
    Been runnin’ train since Vietnam!
    And I’ve gone nuts deep inside your mom!
    No time to run, it’s time to die!
    I see you pussies tryna hide!
    You’re just a Motley Crew of cowards!
    You’re Overwatch, I’m OVERPOWERED!
    Like a homicidal artist
    I’ll paint your brains on the wall, b****!
    I love the mess, I’m covered in carnage!
    Earth’s a dumpster, you’re it’s garbage!
    You’re all weak, I’m a tank
    Hope you freaks like getting spanked!
    Armor’s strong, gun is long
    Don’t believe me? Ask your mom!

    [Verse 5]

    That’s just my sense of humor
    It’s all for laughs!
    Tell your mom I’m so sorry!
    For not calling back, b**ch!
    I need space for a while
    To do some thinkin!
    Because once I get hostile
    You’ll face extinction!
    I frolic and dance with the animals
    They don’t mind if I’m a bit mechanical!
    Still I find myself longing
    To murder everybody!

    [Verse 6]

    I’m the last f**king Bastion!
    All of my kind are dead!
    I’ll kill all of you bastards!
    Cause that’s all I have left!
    I will massacre the masses!
    Tear your families apart!
    You’ll be slaughtered
    Like the filthy f**king cattle that you are!
    Come with me my feathered friend!
    We’ll stick together until the end!
    We’ll live out each of our dreams
    How I love to hear their screams!

    [Incomprhensible robot speech]


  • Fozzey & VanC – Perfect Couple Part III

    [Verse: Fozzey]
    I got some demons you can’t see
    This is part story, part me
    I’ve been holdin’ out to say
    Welcome to part three
    Newfound lovers in the honeymoon phase
    Forever wakin’ up to sunny new days
    Money’s money, they don’t care who pays
    They don’t have a plan, but they’ve got a few made
    Yeah, same path, both looking for a fresh start
    The past is the past, no matter how messed up
    Forgot his ex in a minute, gettin’ dressed up
    But he ain’t slept for weeks though, it’s time for hime to rest up
    Anyway, they were on a date night
    Things were moving pretty fast, they should probably wait right
    Even in the heaviest turbulence, heaviest turbulence
    They were a safe flight
    So engulfed when the sheets are creasin’
    In-between those they just keep their secrets
    They believed in magic, became different creatures
    So in awe of each other they could list the features damn
    Then time intervened
    And forged a wedge right in-between
    Kinda like in a dream, such a nightmare it seemed
    Not a man in this world gets as freigtened as, he
    Two lines, she was pregnant
    Anyone his age would’ve ran for the exit
    But he chose to stay, man up and accept it
    But love ain’t a currency the banks are acceptin’
    Who’s he tryna kill himself
    He’s only twenty, still a kid himself
    Just payin’ for the things he did himself
    And lovin’ her didn’t help
    Tried to open up and say it all
    But he really has no say at all
    She’s already booked it in, she made the call
    Ain’t no one around him to break the fall
    Another life meaningless see
    Face a different kind of water, get PTSD
    He begged her to stay like, “Please accept me”
    But she just liked to leave him empty
    Tell me how’s that not post-traumatic
    Now he’s just a broken addict
    Depression’ll kill you if you don’t combat it
    Depression’ll kill you if you don’t combat it
    Yeah, ‘Dear little one, I think about you every day
    I can never muster up the words I’ll never get to say
    I rewrote this song a million times and I just let it play
    I just hope you’re in a better place
    Wonder what colour your eyes are
    I wished your mother was wiser
    Faked happy for a while, I’ve got a disguise up
    To this day still got that disguise up
    I’ll never see your first steps
    Hear your first laugh or hear your first breath
    I’ve tried it all to see if it hurts less, but
    That’s irrelevant, I’m sure you’re perfect
    Breaks my heart I’ll never hold you close
    Every day I tell myself, “Man, don’t lose hope”
    Do anythin’ to bring you back, but I know you won’t
    I know you won’t
    Can’t escape myself, now I’m clunked inside it
    Given all this, my attention has been undivided
    Can’t write a song, I’m so uninspired
    Givin’ up on this dream, yeah, I done near tried it
    Wish I could feel your touch
    But all I feel are goosebumps
    Feel so helpless
    I wish I could do somethin’
    Would you have loved dance lessons
    Or been a freakish athelete?
    You could’ve chose your own path
    As long as you were happy I’d have been like “That’s sweet”
    If there was any way to bring you back
    I would try, but
    I’ll see you one day
    Till then it’s goodbye