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  • Snukkie – Pettiness lyrics

    Bitch x8
    Its Snukkie Bitch and I’m Piped up on these Folks Bruh
    Its Snukkie Bitch!!!

    [Hook] x2
    Let That Petty Shit Be Petty
    Fo’ This Lil Shit Get Deadly
    Stressing Over a Lil Bitch
    That I Done Piped Down Already
    Bitch I Call The fucking Shots
    1 Phone Call Shit Gon Get Scary
    Ian with Snapchat Beefin
    Send your ass Str8 to Heaven

    Let that Petty shit be Petty
    Fo’ I Hop Out on Ya
    Posting all The Pictures of These Guns
    But who You Pop Lil Homie?
    Posted Up On Dewey with My Glock
    Late nights and Early morning
    Ion Need No Nigga To Fight My battle
    Come and Pull up On me
    Riding with Cho Tool
    Just be careful When you make decisions
    Heard You went to Jail 1 time
    And that’s only raping bitches
    You done caught me Slipping many times
    Why you didn’t pull your pilstol??
    Sorry To Tell You Fuck Boy
    But you ain’t got more heart then your sister
    Ima Just . keeping it Real Nigga
    My bad For exposing you
    You the reason I can’t Fw Niggas
    Just a chosen Few
    Homie Ryding With me
    Don’t Forget Book and My Nigga Choo
    I Know You Gotta Strap
    I wanna see you Put that Bitch to use


    Ion Fw Niggas That Fw Niggas That don’t Fwm
    You Smile when Im around but talk about me when I fucking leave
    Me Myself and I Lil Nigga Ion Need No Company
    Fuck Who Riding Witcha
    I got Killas on the Side of me
    Posting Pictures making Threats
    But Ian with that snapchat beef
    Might lose my life because of this song
    ITold ma to pray for me
    Eastside Baby FuckNigga Hate me
    Sour nigga nah ain’t shit sweet
    Ion play no games bhebby
    Why you choose to play with me
    Lien Talking bout You Fuck My Bitch
    Boy You Hilarious
    She went off on you in class
    Oo I Know that’s an Embarrassment
    You might be bigger than me
    But BigBoy Yeen , Scaring Shit
    Oh Yeah IForGot Your Bitch Fucked my BigHomie why you mad at me


    Yeen came out the water like nemo
    I’m Craig’ You Debo
    Hop off the porch at 11
    With the Mac 11 taking everything like I’ma repo
    Get swat like mosquitos , Yeen Moving Kilos
    You talkin bout shooting must be talkin
    Freethrows You gon some need stitches I’m not talking lilo
    Red bandanna on my k just like I’m cino
    Spot em out like bingo
    Heen really bout it
    These niggas acting like some kids
    They childish
    You only talk shit when yo ass up in private
    Yeen shining shining them fake ass lil Diamonds
    You gonna get pregnant with all that dickryding
    I’m talking bout you with the glasses
    Stop hiding
    We use to be cool but now we done divided
    EASTSIDE vp 103 where you can find me
    Aye.. All of my niggas bout violence
    I work out I’m taking my vitamins
    Catch you slipping at McDonald’s drive thru
    Pshhh Ain’t no fucking hot and spicy bitch
    When I come thru it’s nothing but silence
    Keep that iron on me call me ironman
    When I aim at cha they say Snukkie I’m sorry
    But I don’t accept your apology