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  • Binary Star – Two’s Company (Waterworld 3 Album)

    It’s such a beautiful creation, God’s Art
    And I ain’t even started talking ’bout the body parts
    Voltron when we’ not apart,
    Lion heart
    Warrior in the dark,
    and even the riots start

    Not the average B’s/beast
    She aim for the higher marks
    Trade knowledge wit me
    College degree
    Hella Smart

    Thinking ’bout them times
    We pulled debit cards
    The red eye flights came from hella far

    Just to get with the real deal
    Won’t stab you in the heart
    like Vivica, Kill Bill
    But villain I will chill

    Deeper than a cat fish school
    no swimming drills
    More revolution
    less televised
    the real Gil/gill

    Hi Jack a Jill hill
    figure like steel mill

    Get behind the big wheel
    How did the meal feel?

    Blow in the wind mill
    To send chills
    Similar to notes I kill,
    whatever pen spills

    Being a Queen that’s means having authority

    From the majority
    Similar her sorority

    It’s kinda hard to ignore
    She’ never boring me
    Got me looking forward to foreign
    And not important things

    Sand castles
    Royal things
    Real world love stories
    Without the horror scenes

    Support the King
    And plus, she got her own dreams
    Both working smart
    playin harder
    Than a sports team