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  • Binary Star – Subterraneous (Waterworld 3 Album)

    From WaterWorld, bubble, lakes and floods
    Planet of the Apes in Tux-
    Guns in Baby Clutch

    It’s like a Jungle Dangerous,
    It makes me wonder How I keep from going
    Under Navy Subs


    Tongue available in other languages
    Custom slang wit it,
    Or visit a couple ancient ones

    Like Corpus Habeas,
    tell’em “Open the cages up”

    Stuck a chain on us,
    and tainted mud with native blood

    Pyramid angles, plus Angels, plus Angel dust
    Complex, above the Aliens
    Humble the Atheist

    Uncle Sam troubles make a fuss
    Scud and Patriot

    Pilgrim to Peninsula Arabia
    and Prey on us

    I slam wins with the Pin/pen Hulkemania
    Off the top buckle cater kicks, knuckle sandwiches

    One Man Army

    General Subliminal

    Lofat, Nahshid, Lo Be One hundred Alias