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  • Andrew Unrau – Bring The Beat Back lyrics

    Verse 1

    Hey the moons out girl, you wanna go for a spin
    That moon’s shinning like a glow stick right above your head
    Making you look like an angel standing there


    Baby bring the beat back come on lay the seat back
    Chillin and killin it as we ride
    Come on baby lets rock n roll singing along with every song we know
    Chillin with that Eddie Money oh honey
    You got me shaking now, two tickets to paradise, i think I’m in love so, just take me home tonight

    Verse 2

    Hey baby what you want to do we can go cruising to the riverside
    Or take this party down town
    Hey girl you know its up to you, you got my heart beat,
    Beating to the rhythm of you

    Chorus x1


    Well I never want, never want this night to end, and if you feel it like I do then lets roll

    Chorus x1