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  • Renz Young – Higher (feat. Von Alexander & Kyndal J) letras

    [Verse 1]
    I been, I been
    Gone for a while so now they asking where I been, aye
    Tell em adding my blessings trynna subtract from my sins, aye
    I been stacking profit trynna multiply my ends, aye
    But seem like when I did it it divided all my friends, aye
    So I’m sorry if I don’t pick up the phone
    I been out here trynna get it on my own
    I been locked down in the basement
    Trynna perfect all my songs
    Cause Sallie Mae not known to play
    They might come take back what I own
    So I just wised up
    Occupied my time up
    I been trynna ball I flicked the trigger then it sized up
    Working over time for one these haters try to tie it up
    I just had to sit back in the chair and it just lined up
    Hustling all the time bruh
    After just know that it wasn’t luck
    Just know that we ran it up
    The DA want lock us up and the governor don’t give a fuck
    Know I ain’t praying enough
    So just let me see them hands and throw em, throw em up
    And raise em

    [Hook: Von Alexander]

    I know that they up
    But keep em
    Can’t believe we made it out the fire, fire
    I know what we did, it may surprise ya, it ain’t surprise us
    Tell em keep em high (yea)
    Tell em keep em high high-er
    Tell em keep em high (yea)
    Tell em keep em high high-er

    [Verse 2]

    On no
    I came down for sure though
    Had this shit down pat since 04
    Treat that beef shit like its promo
    Probably why I’m in your venue like I’m bout to take a photo
    Did the mix and master, beat, rap, and the logo
    You ain’t know though, uh
    I was out here trynna get you was probably watching
    You was Photoshopping, you was baller blocking
    We was talking business, you ain’t know the topic
    You ain’t know the process
    We was breaking bread and you made no deposit
    You was trynna find beats, I was trynna find me
    Prolly lost my soul the same time didn’t got with Shyne P
    I been working so long that it’s grey hairs in my time piece
    Now your baby mom behind the camera like I’m John B
    Back in middle school darkskin skinny boy with the bald fade
    Fast forward 10 years chubby with the bald fade
    I’m the one to make it out the city what they all say
    So everytime I stand on y’all stage put em up
    And raise em