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  • Crimsly Cranberrydale – Sasha La Fleur The Prisoner Of Christmas lyrics

    The poor old Sasha la Fleur
    Is sexualized for a lie
    Children being slaughtered in churches by churches
    For not believing in Christmas
    Then she tweaks in front of
    The dead bodies engulfed in real fire
    On her way she is trying to risk her life

    As soon as she stops twerking
    A pastor with a smoking cigar arrives
    About to pull his gun out
    Bryan Mullins rushes out
    To rescue Sasha la Fleur
    From being a prisoner of Christmas
    He shoots the pastor
    Bryan escorts Sasha la Fleur to her home
    When I was there,
    Sasha was sobbing, balling, crying tears of deceit
    She tells him that she’s seen everything