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  • Baegod & Sbvce – Ninja

    [Chorus: B&S]
    I can’t breathe and you can breath
    and we can’t breath now we barely speakin’

    I don’t mind if you want me, on my line if you want it
    give me piece of mind, she’s a dime of a woman
    i’ma treat you right, bright eyes and all that
    the highlight of my life, wait for the moments
    sand in key largo, floor on the bedroom, don’t care where I go
    as long as I’m with you, ain’t no reason for leaving
    oh what an evening, oh what an evening, oh what an evening.

    and all that I know now, man he love me he so down
    then we rep for the whole town, when he found me the best sound
    hope you take this the right way, you were more than an escape
    and they know you’re my main thing, i’m not hearing what they think and I know it’s love you were there on my birthday
    planting seeds like its earthday, now we both getting paid ya
    I don’t know what it was, why you crashed on my course bae
    I’m so thankful that you did, they confused bae but you get it

    Mama we winning the race now, Get in the zone and we spaced out
    Oh shit we Baegod & Sbvce now, gave up the government names yah shit we hit county didn’t bail out so we have bread when we get out they don’t know nothing bout that tough, now they all ride or die no they never road or held no, queso no information
    Bae bout to be off probation, we bout to go on vacation
    when we get back we gonna lay low, still keep a track on your station online in every location, no we in heavy rotation.

    Got me mystified by your mystique
    anticipation for the weekend
    make time for me, i’ma sneak in
    where to begin freak your body till we’re barely speakin’

    I can’t breathe and you can breath
    and we can’t breath now we barely speakin’

    Bitch I’m a Ninjav[repeat]