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  • Binary Star – Never Say Good Binary (Waterworld 3 Album)

    O /owe
    E / any

    I hit’em with A/Aye

    R (are)
    We gonna show
    M (them)
    Y (why)?

    We kill’em away
    With lyrical spray

    Political world
    we live in today
    Lights, Camera, Cinema play

    And police say we shouldn’t complain
    Cuz [email protected]/* */ wit [email protected]/* */ would did us the same

    Blow us away it’s a typical day

    So One Be Lo,
    the temperature stay

    The summer is cold,
    The winter is late
    I Spring before they fall in my way

    The Lord work in mysterious ways
    That man working for minimum wage
    The poor get poor
    The richer get prey
    The minister paid
    The middle decay

    Father figures addicted astray
    We miss him but hey, we’re still in the game

    Don’t always believe what they literally say
    You knocking boots?
    I’m Italy way

    Similar to paint
    I fill in the blanks
    I’m landing mines at enemy tanks
    The image portray
    Some lizard and snakes
    But really it’s him in that mirror display

    All in my face
    Invisible hate
    Physically stuck in a miserable state

    The biggest disgrace
    Trump bigot debates
    Bernie, Carson, Hilary race

    Sippin champagne
    Cinnamon baked
    The media say, the privileges same
    This ain’t about race so don’t get in my lane

    You’re digging more graves
    Lock us away
    Clickety clank

    The system fill and we’re feeling betrayed
    Send me a lemon
    I’ll send lemonade
    Lemon rice chicken
    Lemon meringue
    Lemon I squeeze
    And riddle ya brain

    I did it the same

    Juice bars

    Ba Binary Stars

    Ma Molotovs

    Ba Ba Ba Bars

    Ba Ba Ba Bang

    Triggers I aim

    Both of us living, not living the same

    Ask me how long I been in this game?
    You cave man
    come live in my age

    Since the begininng like Genesis page

    Alpha-Omega unlimited ways

    Even/Eve and Adams/atoms gimme a break

    Nuclear bang

    Killing a page

    Pen and grenade

    Ba Ba Ba Bang