Sauce Walka – Without You Lyrics

(Brandin Blanco)
This shit ridiculous (Without you, without you in my life)
Sad ass shit man

I gave so many niggas chances to advance
These niggas rather tussle with they girlfriend than tussle with these bands
I had to make a different plan for my hands
These niggas still be happy from the stands
How the f*ck you feel like a man? ridin’ anotha’ dick
I ain’t never love my mama, how could I love a bitch?
She chose to smoke the crumbs from bricks, I chose to go from crumbs to bricks
It made me fit, my body immune the shit that made me quit
Shit I ain’t never have no cold, my mama made it sick
I ain’t had no kisses
All my birthdays, I ain’t have no wishes
Like, how the f*ck is this kitchen dirty when we ain’t have no dishes?
My life was vicious
My mama ah leave me for a month, with chicken
At her cousin house where she out smokin’ with some nigga triggin’
I sure but different
My daddy was a security guard in a picket
Checking for people ID’s as they walked up in they business
No paper views, see my daddy could barely pay for shoes
I used to wish he was The Rock, I wouldn’t grabbed the tool
I made the news, same age I was still makin’ grades in school
The only reason I got rich because I hate to lose
I made the crews and I ain’t have nobody shit to use
I ain’t have nobody whip to move, I kept it smooth, and pushed it through

(Without you, without you in my life)

Without you
Without you
I did this shit without you
I did this shit without you
I ain’t never had no assistance
I did this on my own, I was gifted
Nobody stood next to me, I used my own logistics
I been prolific, look up in the sky, R.I.P to Nipsey
Ah damn shame when you can’t trust your set or your city
It such a pity cause this the shit that we love more than titties (This shit is silly)
But now that shit turnt over, we in Miami counting millys
Jet skis on the water, we got sixers out from Philly, tryna score sumn
Every bitch walk in this mansion, tryna hold sumn
My bunny took off with his ice, the bitch call it snow running
Fasho hunnids, it ain’t no mo 5’s up in these stacks buddy
We buying buildings, built from scratch buddy, relax buddy

I did it without you
On sauce
I did
You shoulda stood in there nigga
10 toes down
You shoulda kept yo feet to the muthaf*ckin’ ground
Shoulda kept yo mouth closed, you shouldn’t made a sound
All that bumpin’ bout these millions, sayin’ you gon hold it down
But when that pressure turnt on you, you was the first to move around
(Without you, without you in my life)
(Without you, without you in my life)