Lil Yachty – Royal Rumble Lyrics

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[Intro: Lil Yachty]
(Who the hell is Carlo?)
Fuck all these bitch ass outsiders, you know
Fuck ’em
Look, look, look

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Lou pulled up on me, so we poured up a Kobe Bryant
Stacked up all my empty Wock’ pints, it’s taller than a giant
Almost didn’t graduate school, I was so defiant
Bored as hell, I think me and my bitch finna hit Miama
Damn, dawg I meant Miami
I’m tongue-twisting, keep my gun lifted, just to be specific
10 milli bullets, ain’t no running from a nigga slug
Cleaning sessions with my gun on me, talkin’ ’bout [?] judge
Fucked a bitch I saw her on TV, but it’s not “The Grudge”
Nigga so tough in them schemes, but I’m ’bout to bust
Glock ain’t got no sound, [?], call this bitch a sound [?], ’cause when I shoot this bitch at this nigga, bet the nigga hush
Bro’ll pull up in that ‘Ghini, yeah, same color as a Zucchini
Smokin’ a nigga like Hickory, pull a FN, [?]

[Verse 2: KrispyLife Kidd]
Done wearing the big B’s, I pulled the J’s out
Snatch a bitch wig off, like, pull your fade out
Retired from the K, I, run fades now
And raw-dogged your baby mama, what you gon’ say now?
From Flint, if the water’ll make it bad, I can get ugly
12:00 my trap rush hour, ask for Chris Tucker
Shot dawg, tryna take a shot, I’m a fifth bust it
You don’t never get props, you a dick sucker
How the fuck you gon’ keep sliding and not hit nothing?
If a nigga in the radius, I’ma flip somethin’
My bitch got a Onlyfans, I get a 10th of it
I’m a pimp, I fucked her, and like 6 cousins

[Verse 3: RMC Mike]
Drinking lean for 10 years to cause all my big stomach
Pop you with a gun inside a gun, it got a kit on it
That bitch was all go, with a sandpaper grip on it
Girly say she knew I can fuck, from the hip motions
60 racks for my new kit, look like I’m moving out
Don’t drive fast coming down my block, I might shoot it up
Put a whole gram on the table, watch Unc [?] it up
They say I been acting real stiff, it’s time to loosen up
Niggas out here drinking cut lean, tryna act high
Nigga you be coming off the bench, I’m the franchise
Fell in love with a blazing bitch, she got cat eyes
Me, Yachty, Ray, Kidd, and Rio, the fab 5

[Verse 4: Babyface Ray]
All my niggas in the street, don’t know no rap guys
Holy water from my jeweler, I got baptized
F’s on my hip, I got F’s on my hat now
Fear of God, demons on the Chally, send a Scat down
My son got a bankroll bigger than niggas
Nigga playing crazy, put his ass in the Blender
Blend game crazy, taking half to a chicken
We are not the same, it’s Dior on my Dickies
Codeine Cowboy
Ask around, lot of noise
Draco in the whip, ride with me, I’m a Choppa Boy
Purple in my cup, jewels dancing, bitch, I’m BlocBoy
Nigga reach for my shit, get popped for it

[Verse 5: Rio Da Yung OG]
I ain’t with Tez, but I ain’t throwing hands, I’m a GlockBoy
The first thing I ever bought my son was a Glock toy
Bro riding in a rental with 3 cash, he a hot boy
Michael Jordan, Glock .23 with 22, the other Glock Curry
Skrrt, that’s how the ‘cat sound
Mike got the Glock in the club, but they ain’t pat him down
I’m with the Drank God, he can possibly pull some Act out
I’m on the South side, with the apostrophe in the crock house
$1,800 bag, pull the Glock out it
You say you a real drinker, pull some snot out
2 K’s laying on the couch, I put the Glock out
Bitch bent over tryna tie her shoes, pulled my cock out
Used to have the standard clip, I got a mop now
Shit, gang, what we pouring? I got a pop now
Nigga put the gun down, you getting get knocked out
Seen the opps at the store, hopped out a droptop with chop out
My big homie got a couple keys, we can’t get locked out

[Verse 6: DC2Trill]
Everybody know you really a bitch, put that Glock down
Nigga came as a shooter, but he got shot down
Ever since the cash came legit, I’m buying opps now
Nigga shook his drank up, it made the pop sound
The lean plug finna retire, I need a doc now
Hop up out the car and bang bang, like he Pops now
.35 in the gram a leaf, this ain’t no cigar
Pull up in my hood fresh as hell, like a trap star
All a nigga do is talk, fairytale cap star
Nigga can’t tell you shit about no drank, I done drunk [?]

[Verse 7: Icewear Vezzo]
Yeah, [?] nigga with the pints, I cut raw
Untrustworthy, I can get a plug ’cause I run off
.30 hanging out the Glock, I up [?]
29, shot one out the head, this bitch wasn’t off
Got [?], I can’t find my hand
Shady nigga, pop a Xan, I’ll rob my friend
60,000 every play, every time I land
Choppa big, hanging down my leg, it can hide my pants
Yeah, [?]
I’ll take a nigga chain at his own party
Real hitta, fuck a shooter, I got a whole army
Nigga soft, never caught a body, you just told stories
I woke up and cash a Wraith, I ain’t tell nobody
I heard niggas took your shit, you ain’t tell nobody
If this rap shit fail, I’ll sell more Wock’
You lame niggas [?] like a hoe, you better kill somebody