Fishboy – The Contents Of Your Pocket Lyrics

So you reach in your pocket and you pull out a note
And it says “hey man I think that you should get off the road”
And you look up and your standing on the freeway
And all the cars are honking their horns

So you reach in your pocket
And you pull out a car
And its the same car you drove twenty years ago
And you look down expecting a giant pocket
But instead you see you have no pants

But in the pack of the trunk
Theres another pair of pants
And they just so happen to be your size
But as your pulling them on in the backseat of your car
A single tear drops from your eye

So you start up the engine
And you begin to sing
But you just can’t remember the words
So you decide that what you need is silence
But that doesn’t last for very long

So you reach in the glove box and you pull out a tape
And it looks just like it’s blank
But you’ll still give it a try
And on the first side, it’s a man and he’s singing
And you realize he must be from the moon

He sings “you can keep the car and you can keep the pants and you can keep this tape too
Take these things for free to you from me
Sincerely the man on the moon”